The Jivamukti Teacher Apprenticeship Program (“JTAP” or “the Apprenticeship”) is a mentored curriculum augmented by mentored teaching, practice, self-study and additional workshops, combining for a total of 500-plus hours of training.

When combined with the 300-Hour Jivamukti Yoga Residential Teacher Training Certification Course, this program certifies 800 hours of training.

The apprentice/mentor system enhances practical teaching skills, directs independent study, and integrates an asana and meditation practice schedule that contributes to professional enhancement and the deepening of sadhana.

Certification is granted to those individuals who fulfill JTAP’s requirements to the satisfaction of their mentor. This program is only offered at authorized Jivamukti Yoga Centers (“Host Centers”) worldwide. This level of certification allows teachers: to call their classes Jivamukti Yoga Classes (in accordance with the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Certification Agreement); to advertise and list themselves as an 800-Hour Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher; to be listed on the Jivamukti Yoga web site as a current Jivamukti Yoga 800-Hour Certified Teacher. 


The purpose of the Apprenticeship is to build professional level teaching skills and to deepen sadhana. The Program seeks to develop Jivamukti Yoga 800-Hour Certified Teachers who:

    •  Integrate daily yoga asana and meditation practice;
    • Are professional, experienced and confident;
    • Are building a clear and precise teaching style in alignment with Jivamukti Yoga methods;
    • Teach from a solid foundation in the Five Tenets of Jivamukti Yoga;
    • Are knowledgeable about the history, tradition and language of Yoga.

Mentors available for JATP program at Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona: