Jivamukti Advanced Cert.

 I am one, let me become many –

Ekoham bahusyam

“Beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field, I’ll meet you there” 

Karina is an 800 hr Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, mentor and facilitator of 75, 300 and 500 hour Jivamukti teacher trainings and Thai massage Therapist. She was born in Latvia but lived in USA, France, UK and can call Barcelona her home. She studied in Mandiram Yoga Dinamico in Barcelona to begin with and continued her training in Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. She is dedicated to Jivamukti yoga method since 2012 because it “adapts ancient teachings to the modern urban lifestyle”. In her classes Karina opens a space for self-understanding and growth, her experience in Thai Massage helps her understand the energy body and assist the students toward more focused and elevated practice.

Yoga and Meditation practice is my compass in life, principles that I always rely on 

I do my best to create a space that would facilitate each practitioner to move inwards, meet themselves as they are, to hold space for whatever is real and true in that moment of their lives, heal what needs to be healed, grow what needs blossom.

More than anything I desire for each yoga student that I come across to see their unlimited potential and realize themselves. With this purpose each Jivamukti yoga class I teach I intend to be not only a dynamic practice, but also a self inquiry workshop and observer’s laboratory, journey to a place beyond personality. 

“Karinas classes are profound in 2 distinct elements, Rhythm and Grace. Steady, clear and consistent instructions following the melody of the collective breathing of the room this combination leaves the practitioners with a unified sense of body and mind. With a modern and insightful expression of yogic philosophy she creates an environment where every practitioner in the room feels included and supported.”