Pranayama Workshop: Breath work

The aim of every yogic practice is to free the great cosmic power or energy that lies within us, in a dormant state. One of the best tools to do it is through the practice of prâṇâyâma.
In this workshop we will show you the first steps to take into the practice:

– To do some preliminary exercises to prepare the physio-psychological system for the practice.
– To know, perform and understand the four âsanas prescribed by the tradition to do prâṇâyâma.
– To have the darśana or vision of the different levels of breathing.
– To learn basic exercises of prâṇâyâma.
We will, as well, if there is time, use the power of chanting mantra as another way to expand the primal energy.

Sergio Martínez Pose is a certified Yoga teacher from Âtmâ Vikâsa Yoga Institute since 2003, and has been a thorough practitioner for more than 20 years. He has been in and lived in various parts of India since the year 2002:

Mysore (2002-2013). He spent 11 years learning the traditional hatha yoga style from reputed Yogâcârya, Venkateśa, in Mysore. He also learnt the recitation of yoga sutras of Patañjali with Dr. M.A. Jayashee and M.A. Narasimha at the Ananta Research Institute, and Carnatic vocal chanting with his beloved teacher, Manju.

Peepal Grove School (2013-2014). He was initiated into the kriyâ yoga practice in the year 2013 by the known author of “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master”, Sri M. Sergio was doing service for him, teaching yoga during those 2 years in one of Sri M’s institutions, to students from all over India.

Auroville (2015-2016). The last years in India he dedicated to experiencing the international spiritual community where he was also teaching yoga as part of his service to Auroville.

In March 2016, he returned to Spain, his native country, to carry on with the teachings of yoga, and, helping students to become practitioners and to lead their own practice.


OCT 16, 2021


13.15 - 15.15


30 €

📍 Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona, Urquinaona Studio