Arm Balances & Transitions Workshop – Onsite & Online!!

This workshop is for practitioners who want to explore several ways of moving in and out of different arm balances and transitions while we move throughout a vinyasa practice.

Practicing these asanas allows the body and mind to cultivate focus and trust while maintaining a strong sense of grounding and connection with the Earth through the hands.

In this two and a half hour workshop we will be covering all the tools for developing strength and stability with complete body awareness, breaking it down into pieces that will allow you take the arm balancing practice to a higher level, safely and efficiently.


OCT 25, 2020




ON SITE: 35€



Jivamukti Advanced Cert.

Veganism is the easiest yoga practice I know.

800h Advanced certified & Mentor for JTAP and 75H Teacher Training

Born in Madrid, she had her first experience with Jivamukti Yoga in Sydney, Australia. The discovery of Yoga philosophy ignited a burning desire to expand and transform. In this environment, the universal law of cause and effect became very apparent.

She trusts in the necessity for consistent, regular practice to experience and deepen the understanding of the common nature of all beings.

.In her teachings, she tries to raise awareness by creating a space that is progressive towards equality. Rebeca is dedicated to protecting animal rights and contributing to the benefit of all beings in some small way.

Extending gratitude to her teachers and mentors Ruth Lauer-Manenti and Olga Oskorbina, she honours their teachings by continuing the flow of information. She is an 800h Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher.