Yin Yoga & Chanting

Incarnation is a creative vehicle that stimulates your soul growth
as you discover your limitless nature through the seeming
limitations of form (Hathor)

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha
As a Vajrayana vehicle for embodying our true nature and invoking compassion

I started my journey long before the official studies began as a lucky child growing in close contact with Russian Osho community – the experience which taught me the value of staying wild at heart. At 19 I traveled first time to India while being a part of Advaita-Vedanta community, where I learnt, meditated and worked for 5 years. At that time my interest was mostly in meditation and self-inquiry. But because I got my University degree in music, I was naturally also attracted to learn mantras as a tool for meditation. I got my first certification as a yoga teacher in India (240 hours at Himalayan Yoga Academy within Yoga Alliance registration). As I continued learning, practicing and teaching, I was lucky enough to make Barcelona my home and Jivamukti Yoga Studio in Barcelona as an ever-nourishing space for learning and teaching (75hours Jivamukti TT). Currently, I’m also a student of YogaFlow System.

For me, yoga is coming home to yourself. Yourself being the unlimited awareness.
It’s at the same time the way of remembering that I am that awareness and the very communion with that true nature.
Remembering happens due to the magic of consistency of paying attention to any aspects which requires transformation, integration and healing, be it on the physical, mental, emotional or energy level. Those changes can only happen within the space of unchanging. As a human I’m in that ongoing journey. As awareness I’m simply noticed and remembered as that unchanging base for Life.

 My Yin Yoga sessions with sound healing in Jivamukti is an invitation to ground and center yourself. It’s a safe space where you can leave the hustle and worries behind and enter into the sanctuary of the Heart. It’s a meditative practice, accompanied by sound healing within rich silence. It’s a great way to gently open your body: work the fascia, connective tissues of the body, open joints – the work necessary and complementary to active vinyasa practices. Have a glimpse of the experience here.

My group chanting sessions and private singing sessions are designed to open your voice in loving, playful and therapeutic way, to learn how to align yourself by working with sound and vibration and to tap into the endless wisdom of mantras.

“Sofya’s classes are the perfect way to slow down, ground and to come home to yourself. Infused with wisdom from various
contemplative traditions and interwoven with her gorgeous singing and sound healing make it the perfect restorative journey
for mind, body and soul” – Jan

“I feel Sofya’s sessions are an invitation for exploring one´s own true voice throughout a playful, safe and intuitive singing guided
class and for tuning body and mind to this unique vibration we all have” – Gonzalo