Jivamukti 800h Cert.

The way to dissolve our resistance to life is to meet it face to face – Pema Chödron, When things fall apart

When I stepped in my very first Jivamukti yoga class in 2016, I was a (very anxious) french student freshly landed in Edinburgh to study Landscape Architecture. The elevating mantras, the sincere dharma talks, the rigorous yet creative sequences, the music: the whole explosive jivamukti cocktail was a revelation. From this first experience, my mind, body and soul knew they had arrived home. I fell in love with the method and fully committed to this holistic practice. I noticed how it helped me to become more serene with myself, with others, more content with life as it was. After the years, I felt the call to share all the benefits the method had given me. I completed the 300h JYTT in India in 2019 and followed my yoga studies with 500h of apprenticeship alongside my mentor and inspiration Maria Macaya. In 2019 I also trained to become an informed yoga teacher for trauma and mental illnesses with Fundación Rādika, where I work as an artistic director. 

For me yoga means staying awake, slowing down, and noticing, without anxiety about imperfection.

I aim to create my classes as immersive and emotional experiences. I want the students to be able to be fully absorbed in the practice, and to dive inward. 

I care about building creative yet meaningful sequences preparing the body and mind for the “peak” of the asanas progression. If I empower my students with challenging moments, I like to balance and contrast with deep reconnection and relaxation. 

I’m convinced of the healing power of Nada (sound). I love chanting mantras and using eclectic playlists to create musical landscapes supporting the yoga flow.

I share what I experience in my own practice, including my own fears, doubts, resistances. Living with chronic pain, I encourage each student to listen to his/her/their own present body, nervous system, necessities and to always adapt the practice. 

My highest goal is to create for each student a safe place to investigate a range of body sensations and emotions, and maybe to let them leave the class a little more present, confident and compassionate.

“Apart from being a yoga teacher, Marie is also an artist – and just as there is in her drawings and art, a fluidity, a love of detail and a search for a comprehensive whole – so is there in her yoga classes and form of teaching. She cares about each part: the words she uses, the chant she’ll sing, how the poses flow into one another, what she wishes to build and bring across, the music that accompanies the asana practice, how her students are, and how it all comes together. I have the pleasure of knowing Marie as a Jivamukti apprentice, as a co-worker in Fundación Rādika, and as a friend. She is humble and open to vulnerability; she has deep values and determination: it is a pleasure to see how the combination of these qualities comes across in her work and teaching.” Maria Macaya – Advanced Jivamukti Teacher