Jivamukti 800h Cert.

 Live your life as an experiment –

Pema Chödron

Favorite song: “Ain’t Got No – I Got Life” by Nina Simone

From my very first Jivamukti experience, my mind, body and soul knew they had arrived home. I fell in love with the method and fully committed to this holistic practice. I noticed how it helped me to become more serene with myself, more connected to others, more content with life as it was.

After the years, I felt the call to share all the benefits the method had given me! I completed the 300H JYTT in India in 2019 and followed with 500H of apprenticeship alongside my dear mentor Maria Macaya. I also trained to become a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher with Fundación Rādika and I am now mentoring in the TSY Rādika Trainings.

For me, Yoga means to remain open, available for things as they are, without anxiety about imperfection or fear for the unknown. I want my classes to be immersive and emotional experiences where the practitioner can dive inward, fully absorbed in the practice. I am convinced of the healing power of Nada (sound): I love chanting mantras and I use eclectic playlists to create musical landscapes to support the yoga flow. I share what I experience in my own practice, including my own fears, doubts and resistances. My highest goal is to create for each student a safe space to investigate an always growing range of sensations and to let them leave the class a little more present, confident, resilient and compassionate.