Jivamukti Advanced Cert.

800 hr Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, mentor and facilitator of 75, 300 and 500 hour Jivamukti teacher trainings

María was born in Madrid, which she left at the age of 10 and for 30 years lived abroad in Switzerland, US, Mexico, England and France, before moving with her husband and three children to Barcelona in 2014.

She discovered Jivamukti with Yogeswari in 2001 in New York, and like many others found that the comprehensive methodology, that combines a respect for the philosophy of ahimsa, and an integration of meditation and asana, offered a solid centering practice for both mind and body. In 2016 Maria apprenticed with Jules Febre whose curiosity, thinking outside the box, questioning frame of mind continues to challenge her to improve and continue learning.

Maria is also specialized in yoga for Mental Health – and in 2016 founded Rādika, a non profit which she now presides. Through Rādika she trains professionals and offers clients an evidence based yoga practice that serves as complementary therapy in cases of trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction and other forms of distress.  She has studied with the Trauma and Embodiment Center at the Justice Resource Institute and with Lisa Danylchuk at the Yoga for Trauma Center.

María has a BA from Tufts University in Art History and International Relations, an MA in Art Theory and Criticism from Columbia University, a certificate in creative writing from Stanford University, has studied Neuroscience with Kings College. She has also studied Positive Psychology, the Google Search Inside Yourself program, and Design Thinking with Potsdam University. María is a member of the Commission de Jeunes Dirigeants and sits on the board of the oncological research Foundation FERO.

A space for reconnection with myself and the world around me

“Maria Macaya is one of those rare teachers whose vast knowledge is only matched by her curiosity and humility. Her joy and laughter can brighten any room while her attention to detail always provides a sense of safety and security so that one can feel at ease“. Jules Febre, Advanced Jivamukti Yoga Teacher