Chi Gong

Chi gong is one of the 4 pillars of Chinese medicine. It teaches students how to release tensions from the body and let energy or momentum flow freely from our grounding (big muscles in the legs) into our upper body. Each movement follows the expansion and relaxation of the breath. When practiced consistently like Yoga this creates the artless art, where the body moves without effort or even conscience thought and we can begin to notice the flow of awareness itself. This is a state without thought, of deep spaciousness and after a long time of consistent practice can be brought into our daily lives.

Chi gong is a great complimentary practice to yoga as it holds many of the principles of its more well-known brother. However, in yoga the stress is mostly held within the body, holding difficult postures while letting the breath flow freely. In Chi Gong a lot of the stress is held within the mind, teaching students to slow down and enjoy presence, stopping the need for constant stimulation and becoming less concerned with what was and what will be.


“After finally getting to the holy grail and becoming an engineer, I realised I hated it. In 2014 I went soul searching and found myself back in China learning martial arts from Shaolin monks in a monastery. Even though I arrived for the kung fu I quickly fell in love with meditation and tai chi as they gave me glimpses of what I was looking for. I learned to still the mind and make friends with my inner narrators. After returning to Scotland, I began to teach boxing, meditation, chi gong and tai chi in schools, universities, businesses and for the general public.

Now I am using my engineering to teach physics at a local school and teach lessons on meditation to create a toolkit to help students become the heroes of their own stories. I think I have the time to teach you how to quiet the mind and learn to enjoy presence without distraction.

James Russell