Jivamukti 800h Cert.

“Are you breathing?” 

Piglet: “Where’s home Pooh?” 

Pooh: “Inside my body, Piglet. That way we can always feel at home. When we are home it comes naturally to want to respect the desire for all beings to also enjoy being home.” 

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

 I am because you are 

I was close to yoga since I was a child as my grandmother is an iyengar teacher. But it never seemed so important to me until I started to experience its medicine when I really needed it in my late 20s.

I went to a Jivamukti class with Jay Mac in Cape Town in 2017. The rest is history really! I can remember we chanted Gate Gate Paragate Parasangate Bodhi Swaha and I left feeling so alive! I trusted my gut feeling and 6 months later after receiving a scholarship to participate in the training I completed my 300hr teacher training in Costa Rica and the unexpected Jiva teaching journey began. 

It has really supported my inward travel in so many ways as well as taken me to many physical places I never thought I would be like Jersey City where I was based for 6 months completing my 800hr apprenticeship with a wonderful human and teacher Austin Sanderson. 

It has also got my playing a musical instrument and singing in public. That’s a miracle in itself! 

Some of my favorite songs

When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating 

Let my love open the door to your heart by Allison Miller 

I wanna know what love is Krishna Das version.


Yoga for me is : Breathing. Being in the body. Wanting to take care of myself. Them and us is naturally replaced by we when yoga is experienced. We all breathe the same air, tread the same ground and share the same waters. All. 

My classes are hopefully always fun, from time to time funny and unpredictable but most of all I hope physically and emotionally challenging and uplifting. I like to create a story line or theme that gives more depth and understanding to the physical asana practice so you can discover the depth of medicine yoga has to offer.

Feel a little more united with yourself and with the humans of the class and the world around you! 

I have discovered that most transformation happens over time from consistent practice in a safe and supportive environment. With your help I hope we can create this environment. You part is pretty crucial. You gotta turn up and be prepared to be vulnerable. Daily. Over time perhaps you notice this feeling of unity and openness and connection is your natural state and way of being. 

Almost every class I manage to confuse a limb or get right and left mixed up! And that’s in english my mother tongue. When I attempt to teach in Spanish it’s even funnier!