Mindfulness Course – Series 2

Embark on a path of personal mastery in this meditation series that will give you different tools to strengthen your yoga practice.

Series 2 is a 4-week programme that consolidates on the fundamentals of Series 1 and explores in more detail the psycho-somatic phenomenon within each of us.

In the first two sessions, students will learn to confidentially recognise and investigate challenging emotions and persistent negative thoughts arising from their ‘shadow side’.
Through proven body-sensing meditative methods, students will gain an embodied understanding of how to organically transform personal (challenging) habits that will help develop new traits and, in the process, create new neuron pathways in their brain circuitry.

The last two sessions, students will explore the antidote to some of these challenging emotions and thoughts. Students will be guided with compassionate and self-care practices
that will nourish their inner-self and provide the necessary grounding to stand on your own two feet.


On Tuesdays from MARCH 9th


19.40 - 20.40


In class 50€ for all course, 13€ for single class

Online 40€ for all course, 8€ for single class