Jivamukti Yoga Retreat with Olga

Recharge & Balance

In this retreat you have the opportunity to reconnect with your body through yoga movements and breath work. In meditation you will quietly meet your thoughts and turn your gaze “inwards” – in a protected setting you can share your reflections.

A balance in thought and action, not too much and not too little, will naturally bring forth harmony and peace – a precious gift with which you may start the new year.

Olga has a clear and concise teaching method, her yoga classes are profound and unique. Thanks to her great enthusiasm and wealth of experience, you will experience a comprehensive and sustainable Jivamukti Yoga practice. The yoga classes are held in English.

The retreat will take place with a minimum group size of 7 participants. You will receive the final confirmation at least one week before the retreat starts.

Held at Cresta Palace Hotel in Switzerland.


January 11-14, 2024


Check the hotel website to see the different rooms available.

Included services:
6 x yoga classes of 90 min
6 x meditation
10% discount on all treatments at the Vita Pura Spa 
Cake buffet
Public transport in the Upper Engadine included
Visitor's tax
Admission Vita-Pura Spa