Mysore to the Mountains the Colour and the Chaos

I was 33 when I first travelled to India. At that time I had been practicing yoga for 12 years and the journey was long overdue. I had no expectations and was open to the experience. However, I do like to be prepared. I started reading books about travelling in India. My ideas were inspired greatly by Radanath Swami’s personal account of his time as a young man in India in “The Journey Home”. Here was a book I identified with, a personal story of inner discovery without the wishy washy, feel good, finds the love of their life and lives happily ever after. So then I started looking for books written by spiritual women who had made pilgrimages in India. I couldn’t find any.

So I wrote one.

The book follows my first experiences of India, from practicing asana in Mysore to pilgrimages to Ellora and Vrindavan and all the way to the time I lived in the Himalayas for a month on the banks of the river Indus.

It has personal stories and I have tried to blend in philosophy and mythology along the way.

I wrote it over a year when I returned to Mysore to live in the suburb of Gokulam and dedicate myself to my practice. It was a wonderful time and writing the book made me appreciate the incredible experiences even more.

The biggest compliment I have had from people who have read it is that they can hear me as they read. I hope it is funny, friendly and approachable. I hope it encourages and inspires other women to travel to and around India alone in the sincere quest for their true self.