The Jivamukti Ashram is an on-site spiritual community of kindred spirits living a life of yoga, meditation, kirtan, and exchange.  The Ashram provides a chance to live, work, and practice in a conscious and safe-space with senior Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teachers.

  • Choose a stay between 1 to 4 weeks, recharge spiritually and receive nourishment for all of your three śarira (bodies) and five kośa (sheaths). In community, we all learn from each other. Guests are welcome to share their offerings – whether it’s yoga, improv, meditation, or music during daily gatherings.
  • Live your Practice 24/7: Daily Jivamukti Yoga Masterclasses to experience the profound effects of daily Kriya, Pranayama, Meditation, Asana, Chanting, and other healing modalities.
  • Additional activities include cooking classes, gardening, music, satsang, and more!
  • Everyone contributes to harmonious community living by practicing Karma Yoga (sevā), for example, tending to the organic garden, chopping vegetables and meal preparation, and caring for communal areas and yoga rooms.

Who is Ahsram for?

Certified JY Teachers who want to reconnect with old friends (and make new ones!)

Anyone who wants
to get a taste of Jivamukti Yoga

Spiritual seekers, interested in transformative experiences and dipping their toes into ashram life. Yoga Beginners Welcome!

Yoga students & Teachers (of any lineage) and their families & friends, who want to spend time in a conscious community

Human beings
wishing to get away for an inspiring sabbatical from “ordinary life”



“Meditation for Daily Life”

Choose your seat, Be still, Focus. Through the asana practice, unlock the hips, align the spine and balance the head. Establish the inner stillness through the yogic disciplines of silence, pranayama and self-enquiry. Dissolve distractions and harness the full potential of concentration. We aim to explore the subtle yet powerful benefits of a daily meditation practice that you will take home with you.

Arrival Day: Sat Oct 29
Yoga Intensive: Sun Oct 30 – Fri Nov 4
Depart/Arrive/Stay: Sat Nov 5

Location: Salento, Italy


Jivamukti Ashram in Italy is hosted at Agricola Samadhi, an international yoga community that gives high value to the connection and well being of body, mind and spirit. In this land of millenary olive groves we offer a fun, welcoming, kind and supportive eco-friendly space in tune with conscious living, with the ‘here & now’.

Reconnect with Yourself, with Others, with Mother Nature, with your playfulness! This is a place to restore, relax and awaken the power within



✧Yoga Intensive €90

Plus Accommodations in:

✧Triple room €50
✧Double room €60
✧Single room €90

Prices include daily meals

Reservations exceeding 10 stays: 5% off total
Reservations exceeding 20 stays: 10% off total

Early Booking discount until July 15, 2022, or September 1, 2022 for certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher: 10% off total

-Booking upon email request and availability.
-Individual day room/board rates upon email request and availability.

Check payment policy here


✧ Ahiṃsā: Compassion/Non-Harming. Develop a vegan lifestyle, consume vegan food and be eco-conscious. We aim to practice kindness in all situations.
✧ Satya: Honesty/Truthfulness. Say what is kind, true, and necessary. Avoid gossip.
✧ Asteya: Non-Stealing. Offer freely instead, embrace abundance.
✧ Brahmacārya: Attention on the divine. Use your precious attention and energy for spiritual growth, above all.
✧ Aparigraha: Non-Possessiveness/Non-Grasping. Challenge your consumption habits. Consider what you can do without during this sacred time.
✧ Śauca: Purity/Cleanliness. Conserve water. Keep your space tidy, your room will be cleaned once per week.
✧ Santoṣa: Contentment. Think of what’s good in your life instead of what’s missing — let your worries drop! If any problems arise, communicate to the onsite manager right away so they can be resolved swiftly.
✧ Tapaḥ: Austerity/Self-discipline.Spiritual effort. Work hard, participate as much as you can, challenge yourself to grow, you will be surprised.
✧ Svādhyāya: Self-study. A disciplined personal practice goes a long way. Observe your habits.
✧ Īśvara-Praṇidhāna:  The ultimate Surrender to Divine.  Live your practice from the moment you arrive until you depart, and beyond.